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You may also like to read my Frequently Asked Questions.

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to be painted?
We will only paint children over the age of 3 as younger children tend not to be able to keep still for long enough and find the brush tickles too much. It is also suggested that children under this age may develop sensitivity to the ingredients in the paint if it is applied too soon.

Is there any reason why a person over the age of 3 could not be painted?
For safety and hygiene reasons we are unable to paint anybody who is, or in our opinion appears to be, sick or suffering from a cold sore, conjunctivitis, eczema, sunburn, any infectious skin condition such as chicken pox or open wounds. If you are concerned as to whether you may have a reaction we can do a skin test on the inside of the elbow, then wait 60 minutes to check for any reaction.

How long does it take for a face to be painted?
This really depends upon the design chosen, a basic design can take as little as 5 minutes, where as a more detailed one such as the wolf or zombie above can take up to 40 minutes. We can tailor designs available at parties depending on the number of faces to be painted and the number of guests, so if it is a large party we can do more basic designs or masks rather than full faces. In general we aim to paint up to 20 faces in 2 hours.

How do you remove the face paint?
You should not leave face paint on overnight. The face paint comes off very easily with just water. Cold water works best as it stops the face pores from opening up and absorbing the colour. My three year old daughter effectively removes hers on her own in less than a minute with just a flannel. Please avoid using any make-up remover, soap or wipes that you have not already tested on your skin, particularly with children, and always wash with just water first.

Do the colours stain the skin or clothes?
Some colours (I find green and sometimes black) can stain the skin slightly lasting a day or so, however I do find that make-up remover is effective in removing this residue. Please ensure you wash paints off with just water first and also that you only use products you have already tested on your skin. You should avoid using such products on children. The paints we use should wash out of clothing, however some colours may take a couple of washes and unfortunately we are unable to guarantee they wash out (having said this I have not had any clothing stains which did not come out personally).

If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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